When your eyes feel dry, try the Thermalon Dry Eye Compress for soothing moist heat therapy. After a long day starting at a computer screen or hiking outdoors, your eyes may feel dry and irritated. The Thermalon Dry Eye Compress delivers moist heat from the microwave to relieve and refresh dry eyes. The dry eye Thermalon Eye Compress, 1ct uses a non-allergenic formula that replenishes moistures and refreshes eyes. Easy to use, this heat compress can be heated in the microwave to give your eyes soothing relief. The warm compress unplugs oil glands around the eye area, so that it slows down evaporative tear loss. Plus, the Thermalon Eye Mask is reusable, so you can use it whenever you need to refresh tired eyes. Portable and plug free, you can use this heat compress just before you go to bed or for an at-home spa day friends.

Thermalon Dry Eye Compress


    We our proud to offer HydroEye from Science Based Health! HydroEye is a patented nutritional formulation that works from the inside out to provide continuous support for dry eyes. HydroEye delivers a  blend of omega fatty acids  antioxidants to soothe the ocular surface.

    We also offer MacularProtect Complete from Science Based Health! MacularProtect Complete is a convenient, all-in-one formula providing powerful support for macular & whole body health. It offers nutrients at levels found to promote healthy vision in the AREDS 2 clinical trials, including 10 mg of lutein & over 30 other key ingredients.

    Introducing SYSTANE®  COMPLETE. Made up of tiny, nano-sized droplets, this soothing eye drop forms a matrix of protection across the entire eye surface. SYSTANE® COMPLETE delivers optimal dry eye relief, and provides fast hydration and tear evaporation protection.

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