At Inverness Eye Care, our mission is to provide the very best eye care for you. Our doctors were at the top of their class in their eye care training at UAB and provide a level of professional eye care that is superior. Our patients comment often that the examination performed in our office is significantly more thorough than their experience in other offices. Our staff receives competitive salaries and benefits, in addition to performance bonuses. 

We interview qualified candidates for patient care assistants, clinical technicians, and optical sales associates as positions become available. Your resume will remain active for 90 days. Inverness Eye Care is an equal opportunity employer.

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements by fax to Beth Eads at 205-991-3177 or by email,

Front Office 

Work assignment is in the front office greeting patients, processing patient arrival, insurance benefits, fee payment for care and eyewear, schedule appointments, patient triage. Candidates should be detail oriented and organized, friendly, and motivated to help patients.


Requirements: Computer skills for Electronic Medical Records, good communication skills, medical background.


Clinical Technician

Work assignments are dedicated to patient pre-examination testing, specialized medical testing, and contact lens care. Candidates should be detail oriented and have a desire to learn new eye care technology.

Requirements: Computer skills for Electronic Medical Records, good communication skills, medical background.


Work assignments include assisting patients select new eyewear, assist patients with lens design, patient education at glasses dispensing, maintain medical records, schedule appointments, and explanation of insurance benefits. Associates often travel to eyewear shows and meetings for continuing education and new product review.


Requirements: Excellent communication skills, eyewear frame and lens knowledge, good customer service and sales skills.

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