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Eye Exams

We provide computer assisted comprehensive eye exams for children and adults. Our examination includes a thorough ocular and medical history, evaluation of eye muscles, color vision, updated prescription information, medical evaluation for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and more. We have computerized instrument technology that enables our doctors to evaluate digital retina images, corneal imaging, and optic nerve imaging.

Our care for patients with diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other medical conditions are extensive. We communicate with patient’s primary care physician and other specialists for ocular involvement and other medical recommendations.

Pediatric Vision

We recommend that children have their first eye exam by age 3. If parent’s notice signs of an eye turn, excessive tearing, or squinting we recommend an immediate evaluation. Also, some children may have 20/20 vision, yet still suffer from focusing and eye muscle coordination disorders. These conditions can affect learning and reading, as 80% of information gathered is by vision. At Inverness Eye Care, we custom design testing and therapy programs for children with visual tracking problems and eye muscle disorders. We will coordinate with your child's teachers, tutors and reading specialists.

Eye Diseases

One of the most common ocular complaints are burning, itching, and red eyes. Some conditions are acute and are resolved quickly; others are chronic and can be related to other medical conditions such as thyroid disorder, lupus, and medication side effects. With our advanced technology and standard of care, we can assess and treat such conditions. Treatment options include punctal plugs, Restasis, and other ocular medications. We treat acute infections and injuries. We also treat acute eye infections and injuries. After hours, a doctor is on call for emergencies. Call the regular office number for the doctor on call.

Frame and Lens Services

Our optical shop has over 750 frames displayed and the latest lens technology for that cool, up-to-date look. Our opticians focus on frame and lens recommendations that meet your computer, reading, driving, outdoor activity, and other needs. We stand behind our frame and lens products and provide a two year warranty. We also have high quality sunglasses that include Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, Ray Ban, KREWE, S.A.L.T., Revo, and Kate Spade.

We recommend lens material and surface treatments based on how your glasses will be used. During the eye examination, our doctors will review your work environment and your activities in order to satisfy your visual needs. Glasses for computers need different specifications than glasses used for sports and outdoor use. There are also several styles of bifocal lenses and progressive lenses designed to give you optimal performance; we take the time to match your needs with the perfect lens product. Anti-glare lenses are not all created equal! Sprayed on anti-glare processing will peel and scratch easily. We recommend a bonded processing that is guaranteed.

Contact Lenses

There are numerous factors that determine the best contact lens for each patient. Our diagnostic library includes almost every lens available in the U.S. Market. We match your specific needs with the proper contact lens to offer you the best visual performance. Our extensive inventory consists of one day disposable, two and four week replacement lenses, extended wear lenses, toric (astigmatism) and bifocal lenses. We specialize in hard to fit patients with dry eyes, keratoconus, and post-surgical conditions. We have specialty lenses that are best for dry eyes and irregular corneas such as Synergeyes. In addition, all patients receive the best contact lens education, training and follow up from our staff.

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