Pediatric Vision

Eighty percent of what a child learns is through vision. Good vision is important for child development, safety, and education. It is imperative for children to have a comprehensive, dilated eye exam, as they may not recognize the symptoms of poor vision or be able to communicate them properly. Many eye disease and refractive corrections can result in permanent vision loss if not treated at a young age. Dr. Ansley and Dr. Hill provide the following: 

  • Pediatric Eye Exams

  • Contact Lens Exams

  • InfantSEE Exams

  • Myopia Control

  • Sports Eye Wear

We our proud to offer HydroEye from Science Based Health! HydroEye is a patented nutritional formulation that works from the inside out to provide continuous support for dry eyes. HydroEye delivers a  blend of omega fatty acids  antioxidants to soothe the ocular surface.

We also offer MacularProtect Complete from Science Based Health! MacularProtect Complete is a convenient, all-in-one formula providing powerful support for macular & whole body health. It offers nutrients at levels found to promote healthy vision in the AREDS 2 clinical trials, including 10 mg of lutein & over 30 other key ingredients.

Introducing SYSTANE®  COMPLETE. Made up of tiny, nano-sized droplets, this soothing eye drop forms a matrix of protection across the entire eye surface. SYSTANE® COMPLETE delivers optimal dry eye relief, and provides fast hydration and tear evaporation protection.

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