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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Your Contacts from Your Optometrist

It’s no secret that technology has disrupted the way most people live their lives. From the smartphone in your pocket to the way you do your shopping, innovation has made life more convenient in a myriad of ways.

Sometimes, though, the proven ways are advantageous and have been used for years on end for a reason! This is especially true of medical-related experiences.

In a world that bombards you with flashy marketing campaigns that advertise discounted contacts conveniently delivered to your door, for example, buying your contacts from your optometrist is still the best way to ensure you get what you need safely, securely, and at the best price.

So, what are the benefits of purchasing contacts from your optometrist instead of the alternatives? We’re glad you asked.


Your optometrist is a trained professional with years of education and career experience informing their actions. Because contacts require specific wearing schedule and storage to remain effective and safe, that knowledge and practice really pay off.

From properly storing the contacts to staying up-to-date on recalls, your optometrist personally ensures that your contacts are ready to use!


Those incredible deals offered by online contract dealers may not be as impressive as they seem. Many such retailers will sell counterfeit products that are falsely advertised. Also, many times online retailers list box prices with rebates already worked in to bait you. When the checkout process ensues, the box price goes back up and you have to fill out a paper rebate. It is also not uncommon to have such a store try to sway you to try a different brand. Because not all contacts are created equally, you may end up with contacts made of lower-quality materials.

Personalized Fitment

Your eyes are uniquely yours, and your contacts should be, too. In fact, contacts that fit improperly can not only cause discomfort but also damage your eyes. That’s a big deal!

Your optometrist is trained to ensure the proper fitment of your contacts. By working with your optometrist to get the perfect contacts for your one-of-a-kind eyes, you can rest assured that your eyes will remain healthy and happy.

Changing Prescriptions

There are many factors that could lead to your prescription changing. Whether it’s a new fitment, a change in contact type, a switch to a new brand, or even a shift in your vision, an optometrist can identify what your eyes need right now.

Not only does receiving the right prescription from your optometrist give you the best fitment for your eyes and vision, but it also helps you avoid unwanted side effects from the wrong prescription, such as irritated eyes and headaches.

Flexible Returns

If, by chance, you do receive the wrong contacts or find that your prescription is no longer the same, you could be stuck if you ordered from an online retailer. Your optometrist, though, is more understanding and flexible. After all, they know that prescriptions change, and they know you.

Even if you’ve opened the box, your optometrist can work with you to find a solution to your dilemma. Rather than continuing to use the wrong contacts or being forced to pay full price again, you can get the right prescription without the hassle!

Your optometrist cares about you and your eye health. Just as they are not a faceless online store to you, you are not a faceless customer to them. The relationship you share goes far beyond an internet exchange, and personal connection alone is a compelling reason to buy your next contacts directly from your optometrist!

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