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Eyewear Trends for Fall 2022

Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means. Warm, autumn tones, changing leaves, brisk mornings, and pumpkin everything. It also signals a shift in wardrobes and what’s in fashion. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a casual lover of fashion trends, the shifting of the seasons marks a change in what is “in,” too.

Eyewear is an essential accessory to any Fall outfit of the day. For those who wear corrective glasses, they can add a pop to any look, making them an indispensable everyday addition. However, sunglasses remain a crucial part of any ensemble even as summer fades. So, no matter the function behind the glasses, eyewear is a timeless addition to your Fall wardrobe.

Without further adieu, let’s check out what eyewear trends are dominating the Fall season this year.

Oversized Eyewear

Much of modern fashion is a fusion of vintage vibes and contemporary styles. This mixture of the past and present creates a unique look that leans heavily on modern materials while embracing many of the old-school styles. As an added bonus, oversized eyewear provides excess coverage, making sunglasses more effective and corrective glasses more functional.

Diverse Frame Materials

The materials used in the frame of your glasses can make a big statement. From big, chunky frames made of translucent materials to thin metal frames, there is a definite emphasis placed on unique, diverse frames in the Fall of 2022. Natural materials like metal and wood are popular, while colorful, patterned, and colored plastics are also in high demand.

Shaped Lenses

Bold statements are trending for eyewear in Fall 2022. Classic shapes, like ovals and squares, are very much in style. So, too, are cat-eye glasses, bug-eyed glasses, and eccentric, avant-garde designs. It’s all about pushing the boundaries, leaning into the daring, and enjoying Fall with a bit of flair.

Colorful Lenses

Frames always have all the fun, but in the Fall of 2022, lenses are joining the fray. Shaded lenses allow you to choose a color for your lenses, perfectly complementing your style and skin tone. You can even opt for transition lenses that change when exposed to UV light.

Black is Back

No matter what route your Fall fashion takes you, one thing is certain—black eyewear goes with any outfit. Whether it’s black frames and lenses or a mixture of Fall trends and dark tones, this classic eyeglass combination is sure to wow.

With the seasons changing and your wardrobe adapting to the cooler weather and autumn tones, finding the right eyewear to fit your style while riding the latest Fall 2022 eyewear trends doesn’t have to be a guessing game. You can even customize your glasses—whether they’re sunglasses, corrective, or something else entirely—to meld the hottest looks with your personal preferences.

Feel free to reach out to us for more of what’s trending this Fall. We can guide you to the right match for you and make sure that the style you love fits your needs, such as carrying your prescription and filtering out harmful UV and blue light rays.

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