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Helping Your Child Adjust to Their New Glasses

Whether your child is having a hard time at school because they can’t see the board (or screen) or you simply got a recommendation from their doctor, it might be time for glasses.

As adults, we sometimes have difficulty adapting, and that’s after years of practice! It should come as no surprise, then, that your child may have trouble adjusting to such a significant change in their young life.

The good news is there are steps you can take to make the transition to glasses as easy and enjoyable for them as possible, and you don’t have to go at it alone!

Read on for some pointers on how to help your child adjust to their new glasses.

Embrace the Process

New experiences can be daunting to children, especially when doctors are involved. One of the best ways to put these feelings of unease aside is to involve your child in the process of selecting their glasses.

Make trying on frames a game, whether you’re at the store or at home using a webcam. Not only is this fun, but it also empowers your child to assert their personality and unique style. If they enjoy the process and like the glasses they’ve chosen, they are more likely to wear them!

Take Time to Explain

Ensuring that your child understands the benefits of glasses will ease any anxiety they may be feeling and potentially even lead to excitement. You can even discuss specific experiences they may have had, such as reading textbooks or playing sports, and dive into how their new glasses will make the things they enjoy even better.

Create Camaraderie

Often, children are resistant to wearing glasses because they are afraid of how their peers might respond and treat them. To combat this hesitancy, be sure to remind them that many people—including people in their lives, other children, and even comic book superheroes—wear glasses.

You can even watch a movie where the protagonist has glasses or look up examples on the web. By helping them realize that a lot of people—including really cool people—wear glasses, you will create camaraderie and make them feel less alone!

Establish Habits

Consistency is key to forming healthy habits, and aiding your child in adjusting to wearing their new glasses is no different. Be sure to remind them to put their glasses on each morning. You can even integrate this new habit into an established routine—such as brushing their teeth—to make it easier to remember.

The same is true of taking their glasses off. Unless they get into the habit of leaving them in the same place each day, the glasses will likely end up lost. Not only does this interrupt their newly formed habit of dawning glasses each day, but replacing them can also get expensive!

If your child needs glasses and is having difficulty adjusting to wearing them, the tips above should help. For more advice, including pointers that are specially tailored to you and your child’s exact situation, simply sit down with your eye doctor and have an open conversation. They will be happy to help you and your child adapt to this life change!

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